Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

love them

this is my senior high school bestfriends, i love them more than i love my self, you must know it :)

say hello to aina :) she is my best chairmate ever! i love her sooo much :)

hello this is anindya, she is my best talkative person, but i love her!

hello this is lula, she is my smiling face, always laugh everyday. iloveher!

heeeey this is windy! she is my shy friend, she is very shy-ing person haha iloveyou!

say hi! to my innocent face best friend ayu! haha she is the most innocent personal in the whole world (nope, im just too over im sorry my bad he he)

okey, thats it my lovely friends at x8, eh btw it is raining? yes it is. brrr soooo cold hihihi okay see ya!

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